We Are Helping Families Live More Satisfying Lives.
We help people cultivate their values to spread contentment, well being, and successful living to their loved ones.

What is HeadwatersLife?

The human spirit has a deep longing – to be connected, to be meaningful, and to be valued. A person’s life is like water that begins high in the mountains as a shallow stream that plays lightly among the boulders. As the water journey continues, the stream becomes deeper as it connects with other water along the same path. Eventually the water joins into deeper flows where it becomes a powerful force. It is at this moment that water, like life, can sometimes become disconnected and get out of the flow thereby losing much of its potential power.

Why HeadwatersLife?

From Headwaters there is Life – A life that reaches the fulfillment of its potential.
HeadwatersLife flows from the idea that many of life’s paths are not intuitive for young adults. They need helpful practical guidance and encouragement to navigate these often turbulent waters and stay in the flow during the formative process of adulthood. Tools that will help them tap into and gain a deeper understanding in critical areas of life – relationships, health, spiritual/personal development and business/finance.

Headwaterslife is a Nonprofit 501c3 that supports our two primary initiatives: OneFamily and Ironmen



Ironmen engages men with provocative daily email quotes of encouragement and insight. Then each week, Ironmen receive a Letter that quickly explores a wide range of topics that challenge and becomes a catalyst for small group discussion.  With these two programs, it is the ultimate goal of the Ironmen initiative to assist men in forming meaningful long term small groups.

As iron sharpens iron, one man sharpens another.
– Proverbs 27:17

We believe that it is within these groups men probe the depths of life and become more intentional in their personal growth for the betterment of their wives, children and themselves.



OneFamily serves families by providing parents with practical tools to improve their marriages and build healthy thriving families – One Family at a time.  In addition to using the same daily email and letter format as Ironmen, One family also provides materials, programs and events to encourage men and women to be proactive in the growth and development of their marriages and parenting.

OneFamily is anchored by the parenting philosophy and methodology of Parenting from the Tree of Life by Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo.  HeadwatersLife seeks to establish Tree of Life programs in small groups, communities, neighborhoods, churches, and wherever healthy families are desired.  Tree of Life materials and programs are also available in Spanish.


Who is HeadwatersLife?

With over ten years of mentoring, coaching and teaching parenting and life skills to young couples, Dave and Lis Marr along with Rich and Shelly Howard began this journey during the summer of 2012 in order to serve and improve the lives of men and women in the complex adventure of building a healthy vibrant connected life.